First Week Of School

My first week of school was pretty good, I made some new friends that play basketball as much as I do. Even though I got kicked off the basketball team for not being able to run a lap under 80 seconds and I got just a few seconds over 80 it doesn’t bother me too much, i’m still proud that im good at basketball and can always play outside of school. I feel like this year is going to be real short and easy, i enjoy most of my classes and none of them are challenging at all. I’m actually glad to start waking up early in the day rather than sleeping till 1 or 2 in the afternoon and having full long days, when I wake up later in the day it depresses me a little bit.

My Awsome Sister

You are my awesome sister.
You are the best.
You are a great sister.
Your sometimes a pest.
You are my sister and I love you.
You are hilarious and a lot of fun.
Though we argue.
I used to be lonely until you came along.
Now we jam to the best of songs.
You make me laugh for an hour straight.
And on weekends we stay up late.
We like to stay healthy and go to the gym.
Because we’re obsessed with getting slim.
After I had a long day at school.
We get snow cones and jump in the pool.
Your a great sister and your there for me.
You set me straight so i can see.
Before you came along i lived on my own.
And now you took me inside an awesome home.